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The Establishment of the 'Korean Missionary Society': Purpose and Philosophy

  In 1975, with a desire to repay and express gratitude for the special graces that God had bestowed on the Catholic Church of Korea and for the assistance received from neighboring Churches, the Most Reverend Bishop Choi Jae-Seon John established the Korean Missionary Society after receiving approval from the Catholic Bishops Conference of Korea.
With 'gratitude' and 'requital' as its serene charism, and with the Korean Catholic Martyrs and Saints as its Patron Saints, the Korean Missionary Society is a clerical Society specializing in overseas mission, that trains and, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, sends Korean missionary priests overseas.

The Leading to the Establishment of the Korean Missionary Society

After our esteemed founder, Bishop Choi Jae-Seon John, retired as the Ordinary of the Diocese of Pusan and while he was residing in Germany, he was deeply affected by the sharp decrease in the vocations in the Church in Europe and began to strenuously grope for a way to nurture the abundant vocations of the growing Church in Korea with the help of the affluent Church in Europe for service to the Universal Church. Since the Church in Korea had grown with the help of missionaries, Bishop Choi considered it extremely natural to have a grateful heart and to move toward repaying these graces.

Fortunately in 1974, the proposal to establish a foreign mission society under the Catholic Bishops Conference of Korea as one of the events to mark the upcoming Catholic Church in Korea's Bicentennial celebration in 1984 was passed in the executive committee. When our esteemed founder Bishop Choi Jae-Seon John heard this news, he explained to the Bishops Conference that this was exactly the way for which he had been groping. With greater confidence he requested the cooperation of a number of bishops and made a proposal at the fall meeting of the Bishops Conference; the Bishops Conference formed a Korean Missionary Society Foundation Preparation Committee consisting of Bishop Choi, and Bishops Cheong Jin-Seok Nicholas and Kim Nam-Su Angelo who positively supported our esteemed founder. Bishop Cheong Jin-Seok Nicholas immediately undertook the task of preparing statutes, repeatedly revising them four times.

Then at the spring meeting of the Bishops Conference in 1975, the bishops approved the establishment of the "Korean Missionary Society" and they appointed Bishop Cheong Jin-Seok Nicholasas the Moderator and recognized Choi Jae-Seon John as a founder.

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